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Full Circle 5.16.23

Today was special in so many ways!! For those who don’t know my gran and paw paw are a huge reason why I’m addicted to the outdoors, especially when it comes to trout fishing! They had a house boat we would take to the barrier islands for weeks on end growing up and being able to bring them back 10 years later was very emotional for everyone involved! We didn’t really get a chance to do much reminiscing since the bite was so good but we all felt the same way. I can’t put it into words the feeling I got looking back and seeing both of them smiling ear to ear while I baited their lines thinking to myself how it’s all come full circle and not that long ago when I was a little boy they would watch me catch fish. I’m not an emotional person normally but I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed that we were fortunate enough to have another trip! 🥲In other news It didn’t take long !!! 125 took a ride north and we were back to the dock for 8:45!!!

I Still have a few days available in June but it’s filling up fast! Don’t miss out on something that’s been so special to me and could be for you and your friends/family as well!

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