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Oilman’s 2023 Smack Down

June 1st- June 3rd 2023 Oilman's Rodeo consisted of... you guessed it! FULL FISH BOXES!

June 1st/2nd

Oilmans 2023 starting off with a bang!! Blowing 15-20 both days and we still smacked em! The fishing is on fire! Don’t miss out on this! The boys from Cardinal had their 100 trout in no time and today the boys from superior had to work for them but we ended up with over 100 trout and caught and released a pile of bulls!!

June 3rd

Day 3 of the oilmans might’ve been the best of them all even though things didn’t look good at daylight! 20 mph west winds are not what I’d like to call the “best conditions” but the still got dealt with! First stop led to 25-30 bull reds and we just so happened to run out of crabs at the same time the wind laid down! Went take a peak and and in an hour we had a pile of nice trout on the floor of the boat and we called it a day!

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